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Spirituality, Soul Healing, Intuitive Guidance & More!

The Spirit & Soul Healing Podcast shares a combination of solo casts, guest interviews, channeled messages, energy healing sessio​ns, and light-working conversations amongst intuitives, energy therapists and healers. Amy Sikarskie, explores the connection between spirit, soul, and the human experience. She brings years of experience in the healing arts through for community members to explore, be inspired by and utilize in their healing and energetic health.  Topics include the clair senses, chakras and aura, past lives, energy healing, starseed and lightworker missions, angels and spirit guides, navigating life and more. 


Channeled The Council of Light | Toning, Golden Light & Protector Dragons

Amy Sikarskie shares her recent experiences channeling for a group audience in Florida and the energetic process she went through prior to the …

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