45: Channeled – The Council of Light – Karma & The Starseed

Amy Sikarskie revisits a channeled message from March of 2018. She shared an explanation and a channeled message about karma, earth life and the starseed. This in-depth episode speaks about Starseeds and how they can get pulled into the heaviness of Earth thus causing karmic ties and more.

Highlights Include:

The Starseed and their creation/agreement upon Earth

• When the Starseeds dropped onto the land/waters—energetically

• Physical structures were then made through source consciousness/light energy

• When merging with the physical aspects of Earth, the Starseed came

• Whether or not a Starseed remains conscious or not of their purpose is dependent on their personal preference as well as energetic atmosphere

Starseeds & Karma

• Starseeds do not come with Earthly Karma

• They have a very fresh slate on Earth

• Although they have these newborn baby qualities, they hold higher, advanced frequencies then most upon the Earth

Common qualities & abilities within the Starseed frequency

• Moving matter, clairvoyance, telepathy, and sun absorption

• Starseeds can become susceptible to the Karmic expressions of Earth, as well as the more heavy aspects of the collective consciousness

• Starseeds may also come into an environment, community, country, or familiar experience that already holds ancestral karmic ties

They begin speaking on coming into an environment etc. that already holds karmic ties and how the Starseed can effectively help clear that away

• Helping all parties to come to a resolution

• Bringing in the light

• Calling in their star councils, archangels, earth angel councils, or any higher frequency beings they resonate or wish to work with

“All are Equal under the eyes of God”

• They shift to talk about different beings and how they reside in different bands of frequency

• There is no hierarchy

• Multiple bands of frequencies within the angelic realm

• Karmic ties that are tied to heavier bands of vibrations—mass murders, rage, violence

• The Starseed may come into the vessel/dna of that which holds ancestral karma

• Holding a high vibration can begin to shift the frequency/dna codes of the body thus helping clear away karma in the family tree—ascending far above the karmic ties

• Transmuting the energy

The astral plane and the beings that reside there

• Once a Starseed leaves their body, they may get “stuck” in the astral realm

• This is because they got caught up in the heaviness of the karmic pull/ties that are held within the 4d or astral frequency

• They urge the importance of a Starseed remembering who they are, and the vitality of their mission

They begin speaking again on the process of the Starseeds arriving on Earth as well as “hybrid starchildren”

• Being dropped onto earth, gestation

• Starseeds arrive on earth not specific to any body type, shape, form, or size

Starseeds and staying true to their nature

• A Starseed may get pulled into the experiences of the denser frequencies on Earth

• Getting trapped within the karmic cycle

• Will have to recycle back into the karmic cycle in order to clear it away and get back into the frequencies of which their star families, council etc. lie

• Importance of understanding and being conscious of the karma

• Working in the astral realm in order to clear away karmic nature

• Transmuting energy into forgiveness, love, light

• Once they clear karma, they may ascend back into their soul’s origin (family, star family etc.

• Consciously choosing to not create their own karma on Earth

Clearing the Karma

• Identify it

• Bring in light to all parties

• Coming together in agreement

• Forgiveness, etc.

• Implementing high frequency emotions into the karmic ties

• Describing the ascension once karma is cleared

• Amnesia, and spiritual narcolepsy

• Taking notes of these teachings (already ahead of you council!)

Discussing the purpose of the Starseed & their part in creating earth

• Many Starseeds helped create aspects of Earth

• Metatronic frequencies

• Sacred geometry

• Working with the “hologram” and its structure

• Creating plant life using humming and using sound vibrations

Difference between Dimension and Density

• Density is the physical aspect

• Through dimensions holds a physical aspect, so there are many densities

• The rock, soil etc. make up some of the density on Earth

• Aspects and different frequencies of dimensions

The council begins to say their farewell and thanks



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