88: Fascinating Insights on Channeling shared by Karen Bell and Amy Sikarskie

Amy Sikarskie, LVN, CHt, Author of The Ultimate Guide to Channeling and Karen Bell, Clairvoyant Channel, discuss their experiences with channeling and their spiritual journeys. They share how they met years ago, lost touch, and reconnected when they discovered their shared ability to channel. They delve into the different forms of channeling they practice, such as vocal channeling and relay channeling, and emphasize the importance of energetic preparation.

They also explore their relationships with their guides and beings they channel, and how channeling has been a natural progression in their spiritual growth. They discuss the process of receiving messages and the importance of personal work and spiritual practices. The episode concludes with a discussion on energetic hygiene, filters in channeling, and the integration of spirituality into all aspects of life. They express excitement for future collaborations and channeled interviews.

Find Karen Bell on YouTube at Intuitive KB and her website at IntuitiveKB.com

Episode Highlights

The surprise of vocal channeling [00:04:01]

Developing relationships with spirit guides [00:08:43]

Karen and Amy discuss the process of developing relationships with their spirit guides and the multidimensional nature of these relationships. They also mention their connection through working with Archangel Metatron.

The experience of channeling Metatron [00:11:03]

The practice of vocal channeling [00:13:03]

The gradual attunement to a guiding being [00:17:20]

The process of channeling and the role of the observer [00:30:07]

The personal growth and learning involved in channeling [00:30:58]

The importance of energetic preparation and the accumulation of small shifts over time [00:35:49]

They emphasize the significance of putting in the work and making small energetic shifts over time to achieve spiritual growth and development.


Title: Aligning Frequencies and Observing Consciousness

Description: Karen discusses the process of aligning frequencies and observing the contents of consciousness to release energetic charges and thought forms.

The Shift and Integration Process [00:49:34]

Clearing and Regulating Energy [00:53:45]

Amy shares her spiritual practices, including grounding in the morning, clearing energy throughout the day, and using sound to break up heavy energy.

[00:59:45] “Routine and maintenance in channeling”

Discussion on the importance of having a routine and maintaining energetic hygiene in channeling.

[01:00:25] “Filters and distortions in channeling”

Exploration of how filters and distortions can affect the information received during channeling and the importance of healing oneself.

Timestamp 3 [01:02:02] “Channeling for different audiences”

Insights on the need to adapt the channeling message to the beliefs and understanding of the audience being channeled for.

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Amy Sikarskie is an internationally recognized energy therapist, intuitive channel, healer’s healer and mentor. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Master Energy Therapist, Clairvoyant Spirit Communicator, Physical Channel, and Certified Past Life Hypnotherapist.

Amy became interested in healing modalities at the age of seventeen and began her professional training in 2001. She is the founder of Spirit School where she offers channeled messages, meditations, courses, and certifications in intuitive communication and energy therapy through online and in person classes.

Amy is an international best-selling author She is a channel for The Council of Light, spirit guides and archangels. Amy has worked with thousands in one-on-one healing, mentoring, past life hypnosis sessions and through her Angel and Aura readings. She shares inspiration and educational posts and interactive live videos with millions monthly through her instagram pages @AmySikarskie and @Raise.The.Vibe.Tribe

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