Channeled The Council of Light | Toning, Golden Light & Protector Dragons

Amy Sikarskie shares her recent experiences channeling for a group audience in Florida and the energetic process she went through prior to the event. She talks about the importance of self-care and processing emotions as a part of energetic hygiene. She then shares an audio message of a recent Instagram live. The Council of Light came through with toning and singing, bringing in strong energy and messages.

The Council of Light speak about utilizing the physical body’s abilities in spiritual practices, supporting the chakra system alignment and clarifying the energetic field. They also mention the presence of dragons and angels, offering guidance and support for individuals on their spiritual journey.

The episode emphasizes the importance of autonomy, self-respect, and self-care, encouraging listeners to tap into their own soul frequency and unique gifts.

Amy invites listeners to explore resources for spiritual growth and development, including classes at Spirit School and the Sacred Healer Circle mentoring program. She concludes by expressing gratitude for the connection and support from her audience and leaves a message of empowerment and unity for all listeners.

Messages of Love & Wisdom + Channeling The Council of Light

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#AmySikarskie is an international energy therapist, intuitive channel, and past life hypnotherapist. She’s the founder of Spirit School. The online community for Intuitive Arts. Using all of her clair-gifts, Amy works with extra-dimensional beings including the Archangel realm and The Council of Light to assist others in their healing and awakening process.


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Amy Sikarskie

is an internationally recognized energy therapist, intuitive channel, healer’s healer and mentor. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Master Energy Therapist, Clairvoyant Spirit Communicator, Physical Channel, and Certified Past Life Hypnotherapist.

Amy became interested in healing modalities at the age of seventeen and began her professional training in 2001. She is the founder of Spirit School where she offers channeled messages, meditations, courses, and certifications in intuitive communication and energy therapy through online and in person classes.

Amy is an international best-selling author She is a channel for The Council of Light, spirit guides and archangels. Amy has worked with thousands in one-on-one healing, mentoring, past life hypnosis sessions and through her Angel and Aura readings. She shares inspiration and educational posts and interactive live videos with millions monthly through her instagram pages @AmySikarskie and @Raise.The.Vibe.Tribe

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