4: Enhance Your Intuition with Clairtangency: The Clair Sense of the Root Chakra + Guided Meditation

Amy Sikarskie LVN, CHt, author of The Ultimate Guide to Channeling explores the clair senses in a four part series. This is the first episode in the series and is about the gift of clairtangency. Amy closes with a guided meditation to support you as you prepare for a clairtangent reading.

Clair Senses Series

You are listening to part 1 in the 4 part series on clair senses.

Part 2 in the 4 part series: Clairsentience: Sacral, Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra Clair Sense + Guided Meditation ( Episode 6 of the Spirit & Soul Healing Podcast.)

Part 3 in the 4 part series on clair senses: Clair Senses: Clairgustance, Clairalience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance & Telepathy + Guided Meditation. (This is episode 7 of the Spirit & Soul Healing podcast.)

Part 4 in the 4 part series: Clairvoyance – A Clair Sense of the Brow Chakra (Episode 9 of the Spirit & Soul Healing podcast.)




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