85: How Starseeds Connect With New Earth Energy – Marisa’s Healing Session

In this podcast episode, Amy engages in a conversation with Marissa about various topics related to spirituality, energy therapy, and intuitive guidance. They discuss the importance of connecting with nature, the Earth’s energy, and the role of humans in raising humanity’s frequency.

Amy shares her experiences with her guides and past life memories, including her connection to sea animals. They also touch on the power of language, tonality, and sound healing. Amy acknowledges Marissa’s advocacy work for animals and children and encourages her to embrace her gift of writing for healing purposes.

Topics Include:

  • Archangel Metatron
  • New Earth Energy
  • Lemurian Past Life & Natural Animal Communication
  • Lightworkers Stepping Forward to Reclaim the Sovereignty of Gaia

Past Life Hypnotherapy Authors, Dr.Brian Weiss & Dr. Michael Newton

  • Infusing love into food and communication
  • Finding companionship through social media
  • Dangerous desires from previous lifetimes
  • Halting toxic cycles through lifetimes
  • Attaining soul level, non-material success
  • Healing the womb space
  • Dejavu and resetting timelines
  • Sound healing

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The Flow State of Writing [00:00:00]

Discussion about the experience of writing and the flow state it brings.

Introduction to Spirit and Soul Healing Podcast [00:01:15]

Amy introduces herself and the podcast, mentioning topics related to spirituality, soul-level healing, and intuitive guidance.

Connection to Star Energy and Planetary Systems [00:02:33]

Discussion about working with star energy, planetary systems, and the connection between being cosmic and being connected to Earth.

The importance of connecting with nature [00:12:05]

Discussion on how embracing the Earth and connecting with nature is not a step back but a way to align with the new earth energy.

Creating awareness for the environment [00:13:14]

Talk about creating programs and guidelines to help people be more conscious and aware of the environment, focusing on health and nature.

Mermaid memories and connection [00:14:28]

Conversation about past life memories as a mermaid, connection to Lemuria, and feeling called to sea animals and sea energy.

Recalibrating the Light Body [00:24:04]

Discussion on channeling energy, tonality, and integrating information for fluidity and understanding.

Sound Healing and Language [00:25:10]

Exploration of sound healing, toning, and the power of intentional words in healing sessions.

Connection to Gaelic Language [00:26:17]

Recognition of the Irish language Gaelic and its significance in healing and conveying powerful messages.

The awareness of past life healing [00:36:24]

Discussion on the challenges and benefits of healing from past lives and the importance of journaling and visualization.

Empowerment and protection in past lives [00:37:22]

Exploration of the client’s past lives as a brave female warrior and protector of others.

Connecting to Earth and ushering in a new reality [00:38:26]

Explanation of the client’s connection to Earth, the role in bridging past and future realities, and the shift towards unity and peace.

The power of written affirmations [00:47:39]

Amy suggests that Marissa should channel affirmations into written form to help others embrace their own light.

Embodying our light through intentional words [00:48:44]

Amy encourages Marissa to use her words intentionally to call in soul strength and empower others.

The importance of writing and vocalizing affirmations [00:50:51]

Amy emphasizes the significance of writing affirmations and then speaking them, as it adds depth and healing energy to the words.

The release of past life energy [00:59:26]

Amy discusses the release of past life energy from the listener’s quantum field and the healing process that will occur over the coming weeks.

Teaching as a mermaid [01:00:32]

Amy reveals a past life where the listener was a mermaid teaching a pod of mermaid children, highlighting their strong motherly love and nurturing nature.

Healing past life memories [01:01:26]

Amy explains how experiences related to birth, miscarriage, or abortion can stir up past life memories and the importance of finding support and being gentle during the healing process.

The deja vu moment and resetting the timeline [01:11:09]

Amy discusses a deja vu moment and how she worked through it, emphasizing the importance of resetting the timeline and erasing past trauma and fears.

Integration and positive change in 6-8 weeks [01:12:08]

Amy shares that after 3-5 weeks of integration, there will be a period of new inspiration and a shift in a positive direction, emphasizing the importance of soul-level success.

Working with Archangels and sound healing [01:14:14]

Amy suggests working with Archangels Zachariah, Sandolphon, and Jeremiah for healing with sound wave frequencies and tonality, and mentions the healing power of ocean sounds.

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Amy became interested in healing modalities at the age of seventeen and began her professional training in 2001. She is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and in Pranic Healing, Earth-Based Transpersonal Healing, The Reconnection, Vogel Crystal Healing, Intuitive Communication and additional energy and past life healing modalities.

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